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Twickenham Acupuncture Clinic
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Twickenham Acupuncture Clinic is a well established alternative and traditional clinic in Twickenham. It is located in the heart of Twickenham on Heath Road with easy parking on the street.

It is owned by the Chinese medicine doctor Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto who specialises in treating male and female infertility and people in pain. He is also able to treat a wide range of other health problems, for example anxiety and stress. Contact us to see if he can help you.


Acupuncture comes from traditional Chinese medicine, an ancient medicine originating in East Asia thousands of years ago. It uses very fine pins that are inserted into specific points along the body to activate the energy there. By activating this energy in certain points on the body, it is able to assist the body in healing itself.

There has been much research into how it works. Researchers have found that it works on different aspects of the brain and the lymphatic system. It has been found to be perfectly safe when given by a qualified acupuncturist.


Acupuncture originated in East Asia thousands of years ago. It's been used over this time to treat a wide range of health problems. Today, countries in East Asia such as China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam still use acupuncture. More recently, it has seen massive popularity in western countries such as the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

What can it treat?

In East Asia, it is used to treat a wide range of health problems from stroke to weight loss. In the UK, it's use is more limited. Growing research has found it is able to treat all types of pain, nausea, female infertility, pcos, male fertility problems, stress, anxiety and many more.

Clinic location in Twickenham

Twickenham acupuncture clinic is located within the Balanced Body Clinic. Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto offers expert and experience in the field of Chinese medicine to the surrounding communities of Teddington, Richmond, Strawberry Hill, Marble Hill, St Margarets, Hampton and Whitton. Dr (TCM) D'Alberto is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

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Attilio (Signature)

"I had acupuncture to induce labour, which I have no doubt helped and it all started quickly soon after"